Mitsubishi Electric has manufactured chillers for over 40 years and with the purchase of the 
Climaveneta brand, this enhanced our product line up and marked our full scale entry into the chiller 

Chillers have been used in comfort and process cooling for a number of decades, with energy efficiency and low operating costs playing an increasingly important role in this regard. Thanks to modular e-series chillers and the products from Climaveneta, a Mitsubishi Electric Group brand, we are able to offer a diverse range of precision solutions that are ready for the future.

Not only do our products comply with current requirements, some even meet the new provisions of the Ecodesign Directive set to take effect from 2021. Our energy-efficient solutions deliver maximum flexibility and top-level performance.

* Air-cooled chillers
* Water-cooled chillers
* Chillers with free cooling
* Air- and water-cooled heat pumps
* Units for simultaneous and independent generation of hot and cold water
* Systems for control, monitoring and optimisation

Climaveneta chillers – for comfort and process cooling

In addition to the e-series chillers, Mitsubishi Electric also offers a wide range of cooling technology with the products from Climaveneta. Enjoy tailored and highly specialised solutions for a variety of cooling and air conditioning requirements.

Please visit our product portal for detailed information on all products and their application areas.

Further information on comfort cooling

Product overview for 
comfort applications
Download (1.6MB)

Further information on process cooling

Product overview for 
process applications
Download (1.6MB)
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