PUHY-RP Series

CITY MULTI ZUBADAN line combines the ultimate in application flexibility and powerful cooling and heating capabilities to deliver precise comfort even in the coldest days of the year down to -25°C. The technology behind this is a Flash Injection circuit which provides optimum amount of refrigerant to the system via a compressor through a specially designed injection port to ensure a particularly stable operation. With this, ZUBADAN can provide a full heating performance even at -15°C and continuous heating for up to 250 minutes in one continuous cycle, ensuring a phenomenal heating performance at low temperatures.
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Key technologies

Short and quick construction process and time

Compared to the installation process and time to install a complete new system, Replace Multi offers shorter and quicker installation.

The key cause of this is because with Replace Multi, without any use of special kit, existing piping can be reused and works at rooftop or walls for new piping are not required.

This results in reduced installation time and system downtime which is an attractive factor to minimize the effect on business working hours.
NOTE: The actual reusability of components depends upon the condition of the plant and the existing infrastructure.

The actual reusability of indoor units depends on the model.

For further clarification please contact the sales office nearest you.

Renewal for top performance

The installation of a Replace Multi system allows to achieve the state of the art of VRF technology from Mitsubishi Electric which it reached levels of energy efficiency (COP) more than 40% compared to a R22 VRF system of 10 years ago.

The greater energy efficiency also means lower noise levels and reduced installation space compared to a VRF R22.


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